Alba Carrillo and Isabel Rábago are destroyed in the mud, faced by Jorge Pérez

The chucuchucu between Alba Carrillo y Jorge Perez He is giving a lot of himself, as expected. The lurid details of their intimate relationships have become polygraph meat and other shows but, apart from the central information, there are many usable leftovers to make croquettes of programs and news with the remains of the public kisses in front of all their companions, the initial lies of the lovers, the escape to the house of martha lopez to finish off the heat and the post-information, especially that of Alba telling with signs and hairs what happened. At the moment, and speaking of hair, it seems that the former civil guard is the only one who minces words because others, in addition to Alba Carrillo, are helping to fatten the parallel stories that enrich, as in any novel, the main plot. This is the case of the catfight that is taking place: the ex of Feliciano y fonsi grandson A trio of ladies have been found who are defending the solid meritorious man tooth and nail. We are talking about two contestants from reality and an aspirant to do it: Isabel Rabago, Christina Porta y bea jarrin.

With these last two, the thing is more a matter of jealousy and spite; but the confrontation of the daughter of Lucia Pariente with Isabel Rábago comes from afar. In fact, Alba refuses to sit on a set with the journalist who at the time defended the interests of the Popular Party. And that they became good friends. One of those who even went out together some weekends. But it’s all over. The relationship broke up because of the reality show Secret Story in which Rábago participated with Alba’s mother.

There they entered as allies and left as enemies, which fully splashed the friendship between the companions. Their enmity reached such a point that after starring in several disputes on the set they have not met again. “It’s just that they can’t stand each other. They neither look at each other nor speak to each other and the intention of both is never to coincide on any television set,” they tell us. Now Rábago is returning it by positioning himself on the side of the former member of the Security Forces to criticize the attitude of the former de Santi Burgoa.

Isabel is speaking through the mouth of Jorge Pérez and his wife, Alice Pena. She claims to be a great friend of the couple and has become her spokesperson. Rábago does not directly attack Alba because he knows how she spends it and does not want a public and open confrontation with her, which is why he does not mention her, but all his criticisms go against Alba’s attitude, that is, that she is recounting what happened and attacking to Jorge’s wife without him having opened his mouth.

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For her part, Alba is for now holding on so as not to jump against Rábago, but it is a matter of time. In fact, she has already begun to show where she can charge against her colleagues from the production company who are criticizing her. A conflict with them will lengthen the topic and, therefore, your screen minutes.

For now, with this issue, everything has been indirect between the model and the journalist, but on other occasions their conflicts have been direct. Without going any further, just a few months ago. Then Rábago wrote this without naming her: “I have removed these people from my life with a stroke of the pen and they will not enter again. Insults have very short legs. I don’t know if I will coincide with them on a set, I will at least ask not coincide. My professionalism is far above personal whims. I have never played with anyone’s work, “he said in a dart directed at Alba, who took the hint and answered him head-on:” I’m going to call you ‘Isabel la puñales’ from now on. You haven’t had an education and I don’t have respect either. Instead of writing columns, rewrite your book, which is unstoppable. Don’t touch my mother, because it hurts a lot. Don’t come with daggers because I’m going to bites”. And he continued: “I have not played with anyone’s work. You have done it with mine and with my mother’s. That you are a professional but you have said many times that you wanted to leave television. Get off your cloud , stop being so arrogant and be more humble. You have been in a reality like everyone else, and not because I’m a journalist or a lawyer.