Min. 00WE GO AWAY! Thank you very much for joining us in this highly disputed duel between Vitoria and Navarre. A classic of northern Spanish soccer that ended with a 0-1 victory for Rojilla. See you soon!

Min. 00With this victory, Osasuna stands with 38 points in 11th position tied with Levante UD, so he can practically give given the salvation of the category. Much credit to the team led by Jagoba Arrasate, who has managed to return the stamp of competitive team to a faint Osasuna.

Min. 00OFFENSIVE SHORTAGE. There has only been one shot on goal in the entire match at Mendizorrotza and it ended with a goal by Toni Lato. This is the LaLiga 19/20 game with fewer shots on goal.

Min. 00Alavés had two good opportunities to get ahead through Joselu Mato, especially a head-butt shot that sent the Galician striker over the crossbar.

Min. 90FINISH IN MENDIZORROTZA! CA Osasuna takes all three points from their visit to Vitoria thanks to the solitary goal of Toni Lato after good control by Enric Gallego.

Min. 90Yellow card for Edgar Méndez for a tough tackle on an opponent. Despite the advantage, Osasuna does not give up a lost ball.

Min. 90ROBERTO TORRES SHOT! Good center from the left side of Estupiñán that does not clear any albiazul player and the ball reaches the feet of the Navarrese captain, who does not connect well with the ball and his shot goes wide,

Min. 89Third change in the Navarrese ranks. A José Arnáiz leaves who has tried before an always iron behind from Vitoria and Francisco Mérida enters to give some meaning to the game at the heart of the Navarrese scene.

Min. 88Yellow card for David García. Titanic the Navarrese central in this duel in Mendizorrotza, the author of six punches, the one that most affected the match with Aridane Hernández.

Min. 86Asier Garitano rests a Víctor Camarasa who is very far from the area in an area where it is difficult for him to influence the game to leave his place to the great Babazorro captain, Manuel Alejandro García Sánchez, Manu García.

Min. 82Rubén García, one of the best red players in Mendizorrotza, gives way to Pervis Josué Estupiñán, another of the surprises of this league, a very vertical side, with a good finish and quality to place dangerous centers.

Min. 82Jon Moncayola also leaves and Darko Brašanac enters. Jagoba Arrasate wants more control in the core to avoid the manufacture of attacks by the Alavés.

Min. 80Rodrigo Ely, who facilitated the Navarrese goal with his fault in the clearance, leaves and enters Adrián Marín, a more offensive defender. Rubén Duarte will be placed at center.

Min. 80Jagoba Arrasate moves his bench taking out a Borja Sainz who has just entered the game to give entry to an always incisive Edgar Méndez.

Min. 76HYDRATION PAUSE. Turn for both teams to get some oxygen for the last 15 minutes of the game.

Min. 73There is no other option for Deportivo Alavés than to stretch their lines in search of a draw. Several players may enter the game to replace tired Lucas Lucas and Joselu Mato.

Min. 73Asier Garitano's first change. A practically unpublished Luis Rioja leaves and the Scottish Oliver Burke enters.

Min. 70SCORING DEBUT. The young Valencian youth squad Toni Lato has made his debut with his first goal in the top flight. La Pobla de Vallbona has played 31 matches in LaLiga, 28 with Valencia CF and three with Osasuna.

Min. 67TONI LATO'S GOOOL! Alavés 0-1 OSASUNA. Rodrigo Ely's fault in the clearance, the ball falls to Enric Gallego whose control will stop at the feet of the Valencian winger, who shoots Fernando Pacheco with his left foot. First shot on goal of the match and first goal.

Min. 65FORGIVE OSASUNA! In semifallo Aridane Hernández sends a good cross from the right side of Roberto Torres out when he was totally alone. The failure of the Canarian central defender from Vitoria was not expected.

Min. 63Rodrigo Ely makes a hard tackle and Hernández Hernández shows him the yellow card, the first for an Alavés player in the match.

Min. 60Fifteen minutes after the restart and the match continues without shots on goal. So far no game has finished without shots on goal in what we have been from LaLiga 19/20. Patience.

Min. 58Alavés tries to open the field moving both its sides and its interiors as close to the side as possible to try to reduce the Navarrese resistance. At the moment, only the notable shot by Lucas Pérez.

Min. 55TURN FOR LUCAS PÉREZ! Long ball into the hole of Camarasa, indecision of the rogue behind that does not clear, and the Galician striker hits the ball but his shot is bitten and he goes off.

Min. 53Temporada of Aridane Hernández, the capo of the Navarrese rear in this his return to the highest category. Impregnable by high and with good criteria to get the ball played, the canary is one of the revelations of LaLiga.

Min. 53Yellow card Antonio Latorre Grueso

Min. 50Little profit has been obtained by Alavés from his bands, although his greatest danger has come from there but always by Lucas Pérez's horseback riding. Neither Luis Rioja nor Borja Sáinz are comfortable with Lato or Nacho Vidal.

Min. 48This second act has started just like the match, with Deportivo Alavés trying to impose their fast football and an Osasun enduring the onslaught of the whole of Vitoria.

Min. 46THE SECOND TIME BEGINS! No change in either team. Surely, both Asier Garitano and Jagoba Arrasate will move to try to break the 0-0.

Min. 01Little Osasuna in this first half. Barely balls have come to Enric Gallego in offensive positions, José Arnáiz and his mobility have been insufficient and only a snap of Rubén García in the front has been able to do some damage to the impregnable defense behind Vitoria.

Min. 01Best Alavés in these first 45 minutes in which he has had the best chances of the match, both starring Joselu Mato, especially his header practically only at the far post that he sent over the crossbar.

Min. 45REST IN MENDIZORROTZA! It has not been. Both teams go to the locker room without breaking the 0-0 prevailing in the fief of Vitoria. First part of a lot of aerial duel and little ball on the floor.

Min. 42FORGIVE JOSELU! Head of the German-born Galician striker at close range after a cross from the left that goes over the crossbar. Strange because the ex of Newcastle does not fail in that type of air balls.

Min. 40Enric Gallego tries it from the left side with a very strong mid-height center that is cleared by the Vitorian rear. Osasuna's Catalan striker does not find his place in the area and that is why he moves around other areas trying to mislead.

Min. 39First card of the match, for Oier Sanjurjo for a hard collision with an opponent. Game very fought but for now white glove.

Min. 38Two almost consecutive centers from the left side of the attack in Vitoria have reactivated the offensive initiative of the Asier Garitano team. Although of course, neither of these two centers came to fruition.

Min. 35Arnáiz was offside after a robbery on Víctor Laguardia who fell asleep at the ball but the wall attempt with Enric Gallego did not bear fruit. Ten minutes to complete this first time job.

Min. 33PAUSE FOR HYDRATION. The game is stopped and both teams have retired to the band to cool off. Very hot in the capital of Vitoria in the afternoon today, in which even possible summer storms have been forecast.

Min. 30Atlético Osasuna has been encouraged in these last minutes, favored largely thanks to Arrasate's tactical movement that consists of changing the band inside, Rubén García on the right and Roberto Torres on the left.

Min. 27RUBÉN GARCÍA TRIES IT! Good slalom from the end of the red team, who moved to the opposite side but his left foot tripped on an opponent and went to a corner kick. Nice approach from Osasuna.

Min. 25Not only have the two teams not finished on goal, but only five actions have been recorded between the two teams in the rival area, a sign of how stuck the clash between these two northern neighbors is.

Min. 23Many long balls, much aerial duel and few occasions. The match is reached at the equator and neither team has managed to shoot at goal – two shots by Alavés and neither by Osasuna.

Min. 20It is noted that Deportivo Alavés wants to wash the image offered in Balaídos on the last day, in which one of his biggest goals in LaLiga (6-0) was conceded. At the moment, he wants but he cannot.

Min. 17At the moment a total of 32 aerial duels have been computed in these 17 minutes of meeting, with a Joselu who has participated in five -the most so far- and has not won any. David Garcia, his marker, has won three of three.

Min. 15José Arnáiz fell into the area against a Rodrigo Ely who entered with too much momentum after a header from a teammate but the referee did not order anything. Ball for Deportivo Alavés.

Min. 12Osasuna's first approach to the vicinity of the Vitorian area. Corner that the Navarrese team bounces but the ball ends up leaving the baseline. At the moment, Alavés has controlled the game.

Min. 10Ball hanging from Lucas Pérez! The Galician striker puts a ball to the heart of the area after a foul in three quarters of the field but none of his teammates reaches the auction. He dares with all the former sportsman.

Min. 07FIRST AUCTION! Lucas Pérez rides into space, arrives at the baseline and passes behind to finish off his teammate Joselu at the first touch, which is deflected by a red defender. Corner.

Min. 05Alavés, in search of his two forwards, Lucas Pérez and Joselu Mato, through speed and the second play; while Osasuna investigates more by band to put centers in search of Enric Gallego.

Min. 02First bars of the clash that serve as a score between both sets. Interesting to observe how these two 4-4-2 of the manual are going to counter.

Min. 01THE SHOCK BEGINS! The captains of both teams are Fernando Pacheco from Vitoria and Oier Sanjurjo from Navarra. The collegiate of the clash is Lanzarote's Hernández Hernández.

Min. 00THE PROTAGONISTS ARE NOW COMING OUT! Deportivo Alavés wears his gala kit, blue-white shirt with blue pants, while Osasuna comes out in his beloved red colors. Great match at Mendizorrotza!

Min. 00LAST WIN. Alavés' last win at home against Osasuna in any competition was in the Smartbank League in October 2015 (3-0), in which Alavés captain Manu García scored the last goal of the penalty game.

Min. 00Osasuna has lost his last two meetings in LaLiga without scoring a single goal (seven goals conceded) and has not lost three in a row without scoring in the top flight since November 2016 with Joaquín Caparrós as coach (three).

Min. 00PAINFUL DEFEAT. In the last game against Celta de Vigo (6-0), Alavés suffered their biggest win in LaLiga in the 21st century, equaling two others 6-0, in February 2003 in Riazor against Deportivo de La Coruña and in February 2017 at home against Barcelona.

Min. 00After winning their first match in Mendizorrotza in LaLiga against Osasuna, 2-0 in October 2000, the team from Vitoria have not won in any of their next four home games against Navarrese in the competition (1E 3D).

Min. 00MANY NEWS. The Basque coach introduces up to eight changes in his starting eleven, a record of changes for the Navarrese team compared to the previous game in LaLiga this season.

Min. 00Turn for CA Osasuna. Jagoba Arrasate leaves with a 1-4-4-2 formed by Sergio Herrera, Nacho Vidal, David García, Aridane Hernández, Toni Lato, Roberto Torres, Jon Moncayola, Oier Sanjurjo, Rubén García, José Arnáiz and Enric Gallego.

Min. 00PACHECO IS BACK. The Basque coach introduces up to seven changes with respect to the Balaídos debacle, among which the return of his starting goalkeeper stands out to the detriment of a Roberto Jiménez who was the best in the Vigo fiefdom.

Min. 00Let's go with the alignments. Asier Garitano trusts his classic 1-4-4-2 with Fernando Pacheco, Ximo Navarro, Víctor Laguardia, Rodrigo Ely, Rubén Duarte, Borja Sáinz, Víctor Camarasa, Tomás Pina, Luis Rioja, Lucas Pérez and Joselu Mato.

Min. 00GOOD AFTERNOON! Welcome to a new game in this fast-paced league. A pained Alavés from Asier Garitano receives in Mendizorroza the impetuous Osasuna from Jagoba Arrasate. Let's get started!