Dani Carvajal's situation worries a lot at Real Madrid. Leganés, when in shape, is one of the best full-backs in the world, but the dilemma is that It has been many months without reaching a certain regularity. The muscular injuries are punishing him and the problem, apart from physical, begins to be mental. It is difficult for the footballer to maintain high confidence when again and again an ailment stops him cold.

Against Valencia all the alarms went off when he asked for the change before the first half hour of play. The fault was some discomfort in his right twin. This time it does not seem that it will be a long-term injury, but the concern is that it is a new break when the squad player hoped to finally leave behind the ordeal that was for him last year. Throughout tomorrow today, tests were carried out at the Sports City, but the player availed himself of his right to privacy so as not to publish what injury he suffered and how long he would be absent.

In 2020-21 he could barely play 1,119 minutes spread over 15 games, which is, by far, his lowest figure with the Madrid shirt. In total, there were five injuries that had him in the dry dock for 190 days. Before that, he played the least in 2015-16 and played 2,317 minutes. In the remaining six he always surpassed the 3,000 minute barrier, reaching 3,752 'in 2019-20, in which he played the most since returning from Bayer Leverkusen in the summer of 2013. Not so long ago …

This campaign started badly, with a new ailment in preseason. That made him start late and be low for the premiere against Alavés. He reappeared against Levante (25 minutes) and since then he has been a starter in all games (Betis, Celta, Inter and Valencia). His great performance against Betis (his goal gave the victory) charged him with confidence. It was his first start since he started on April 27, in the semi-finals of the Champions League against Chelsea.


Real Madrid showed him their full confidence last summer, when he extended his contract until 2025 (it ended in 2022). Fidelity is mutual, because few represent the values ​​of the white club as well as Carvajal, that he has gone through all the lower categories and that he has never considered anything that is not to continue in Madrid.

Last year there was another renewal caused in large part by Carvajal's constant injuries: Lucas Vázquez's for three more seasons. With fierce competition in the offensive positions (Vinicius, Rodrygo, Hazard, Bale …), the continuity of the Galician was more like a replacement on the right side than as a winger, something that was demonstrated with the departure of Odriozola, who a priori arrived to give Carvajal rest. Now, Lucas has to once again be the wild card that solves the ballot for a new injury Dani …