From the environment of Belen Rodriguez warn that their economic and emotional situation is “very delicate”. He never thought to look like this. “Alone and destroyed.” Belén Rodríguez, better known as Belen Ro (Madrid, March 23, 1966), has been linked to television all his life. She is the daughter of journalist Pedro Rodríguez (who died in 1984) and Chari Gómez Miranda (1930–2011), popularly known as Lady Adelaide.

In addition, one of his little brothers, Pedro, was one of the most important directors of television, general director of Cuarzo, which was the producer of Ana Rosa Quintana, until he died of a heart attack at his home in Madrid, at just 43 years old. In addition to Pedro, Belén is the eldest of four siblings, Javier Rodríguez Gómez and Fernando Rodríguez Gómez, also linked to the world of television. she then became very close friends with Jorge Javier Vazquez.

Chari Gómez Miranda had been linked to radio and television for many years, but in 1990 she was signed by jesus hermida to make a brief summary and commentary on the episode of the Venezuelan soap opera Cristal, that was broadcast daily in the magazine A mi manera. Under the pseudonym of Lady Adelaide, She became immensely popular, thanks to her character, the archetype of a maruja, or housewife who led the soap opera on duty, with audiences of millions of viewers. Subsequently, the mother of Belén Rodríguez was closely linked to Maria Theresa Campos with whom he worked at Telecinco in space Day to day until its cancellation in 2004.

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Belén, from a very young age, and thanks to her contacts in the world of communication, was always a protégé of such important figures as Jesús Hermida, Ana Rosa Quintana (who gave her brother Pedro the address of Cuarzo), María Teresa Campos, among others.

Belén Ro grew up behind the scenes and as soon as she could she started working on different sets. She has never lacked work. Her friends, both her parents and her siblings, have pampered her and placed her on her shows, although she never proved to be a particularly beloved audience member.

But now, at 56, some of those colleagues have turned their backs on her and, they tell us, “are paying her back for much of the wrong she has done.” They label Belén Ro as not being a “good companion” and argue for it by defining her as “a person who doesn’t make things any easier.” Several of the professionals who have worked with her agree that she “goes with diva demands and addresses her colleagues with a certain contempt and arrogance,” they tell us. “Now they are taking a toll on him,” she explains.

Belén Ro has been left without a job and with hardly any friends, and it is something that she has come to verbalize to those who still speak and whom she still believes she can lean on. “She’s broken” corroborates Informalia one of those stalwarts who still have contact with her. “I never would have imagined that since Save me they will put all this together. They were his friends, with whom he stayed on weekends, with whom he has gone on a trip. For the daughters of one of them, it is their aunt”, they clarify, so that we get an idea that this break is much more than a professional goodbye. Now they are their worst enemies. “They are doing brutal damage. They are crushing it. And those of us who are still her friends are concerned. She He doesn’t have the mental strength that he might seem,” they assure us.

but maybe since Save me, Characters like Kiko Hernandez o Jorge Javier Vazquez They are not calculating the possible consequences of all this. “She knows a lot about all of them. As long as she gets to talk and tell things about those she considered her friends, including the directors, they could regret what they are doing to her,” they tell us, we do not know if slipping a warning whose origin would be at the wedding of Belén Ro herself.

Belen is worried. “He needs to work”, they repeat to us. His income was limited to his appearances in the Deluxe for the debates of the realities from Telecinco. It was a staple of the debates of survivors. until Rocio Flores She put as a condition, when they offered her to go to those debates, that she not be Belen Rodriguez. Belén Ro has always been one of the most belligerent journalists against Anthony David y Rocio Flores, since she is very friendly with Rocio Carrasco. But neither have they called her for the debates of Nightmare in paradise. Thus, as she herself has told some people, she has been left without friends and her job.

I call the Police

Since it came to light that he had lent 100,000 euros to Kiko Hernández and that, presumably, he had asked him immediately because he did not trust him, Doña Adelaida’s daughter blocked both social networks and Whatsapp to a large part of his colleagues and broke his friendships with Belén Esteban or Kiko Hernández. Belen Rodriguez He went to Malaga to distance himself from everything and we soon found out that he was not feeling well. It was then that the alarms began to go off after people who know her began to tell that they feared for her and for what could happen, since they did not see her emotionally well. Back in Madrid, already at her home in the capital, it was when Belén came to call the Police to avoid being recorded by Save me, since for several afternoons they were filming from the balcony of one of their neighbors.

In mid-November, two municipal police patrols and five agents showed up at her home in response to Belén’s request. “Thank you Police and Madrid Police for keeping me away from the alleged criminals. Thank you especially for protecting me from the alleged crimes that have been committed against my privacy at my home. I don’t know what I would have done without you. Thank you. Thank you. And more thanks”, he wrote on his Twitter profile.

“Fuck off”

One of the former friends who has spoken out most forcefully against Belén has been Jorge Javier Vázquez. “She has no place in my life now,” he said. Belén Esteban sent him a live tip trying to bring positions closer: “Surround yourself with the people who love you and recognize that this time you have made a mistake”, Told him. But Jorge Javier broke out unceremoniously and declared his friendship with Belén Rodríguez broken. Fed up with Belén Rodríguez, he explained his decision like this: “I warned her that I needed peace of mind, nothing to make me nervous. She asked me for a favor for a friend, but I missed it, because I was with all the promotion. I receive a message. I took the phone and I told her: ‘Go to hell’. Not only with that, the message she sent me was even worse. And then I blocked her because I think I don’t deserve it,” she said against Belén Rodríguez, one of her great friends until now.

For Jorge Javier, Belén Rodríguez has not lived up to it: “I have stood up for her during all these years. More than anyone. I have broken my face for her. Since I need relationships that do not distract me, healthy ones that do not provoke me anxiety, so I blocked it,” he said. “She is being deeply unfair to the people who take care of her the most. As a friend I can’t give more, I’m very sorry. She knows what kind of messages to send to hurt, because she knows my weaknesses, and she is automatically out of my life,” he said. the presenter deeply disappointed.