Real Madrid players David Alaba, Luka Modric and Lucas Vázquez revealed some of their routines before playing a match like El Clásico Sunday against Barcelona at the Camp Nou.

Real Madrid Shield / Flag

The Austrian central defender said that he usually read the Bible during the morning of match day, while the Croatian midfielder reported that he kisses his shin guards with the image of his family.

“During the day I usually rest in my room, reading the Bible, and then on my way to the stadium I like to listen to music. When we arrive I like to treat myself with the physios, then I warm up and I am ready “, Alaba revealed in the video published by Real Madrid.

Luka Modric, for his part, counted the hobbies you have before the start of a match: “In the warm-up I always jump on the grass with my left boot first and before going out I take off my ring and chain. I always kiss my shin guards where I have my family.”

Lucas Vázquez always repeats “breakfast on game days” out of superstition and he likes to relax with reading and watching series before playing. “I take a nap before and on the way to the stadium I put on music that motivates me. A hobby that I have when entering the field is to do it lateral, with the right foot “, confessed.

Also, where you sit on the bus is always the same path to the stadiums: “I always go in the same place, on my right I have Luka Modric and on my left I have Benzema.” The three Madrid players will repeat their routine on Sunday in Barcelona before the Spanish soccer classic. EFE