Al Thani now proposes that the judicial administrator lower his salary by 50%

Abdullah Al Thani, through his communication agency, has publicized his proposal to save Malaga from bankruptcy. The sheikh refers to feasibility plans presented last March and which were ignored and paralyzed by the judicial administrator. He also makes references in a series of immediate actions to balance the club's budget and calls for the reduction of the judicial administrator's salary to 50%.

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The statement specifies the following. “Abdullah Al Thani, puts on the table a series of immediate actions to be developed by the club that could balance the budget of the sports entity and thus avoid bankruptcy due to the intentional devaluation of the patrimony that the judicial administrator is carrying out. In this sense, the maximum shareholder reminds Muñoz Jiménez that “not only professional management can be required, but also the defense of the interests of the club, an aspect that during all these months at the head of the entity he has completely forgotten”. For this reason, in the absence of action by the judicial administrator, Al Thani offers a solution to the club and lists a series of measures that are added to the viability plans presented last March and that could lead to income and cost savings that would come. very well to the coffers of Málaga CF ”.

Go on. “The main measure to be adopted would be to reduce the salary of the judicial administrator to 50%. “Taking into account the situation of the club, and the collective dismissals devised by the judicial administrator, it is ethical for Muñoz Jiménez to contribute directly to the cleanup of the entity's accounts with his own effort.” This measure would lead to cost savings for Málaga C.F. of 90,000 euros ”,

Now move on to talking about players. “The sale of four of the players included in the ERE: Luis Hernández, Rolón, Juanpi, Diego González, Renato Santos, Dani Pacheco or Boulahroud, would allow Málaga C.F. obtain an income of around eight million euros. Al Thani recalls that “this type of action, which began with the dismissal of Shaheen himself, only impoverishes the club.” The destruction of the squad has continued with the recent departure of Málaga C.F. of the Cadiz player Tete Morente, who has paid his termination clause to leave Martiricos and go to a First Division team, as he does not have enough financial muscle to retain talent within the club. Another measure would be to resume the litigation with the former Málaga C.F. player, Jony and S.S. Lazio. Although, according to the judicial administrator at a press conference, they have initiated the labor procedure, “we are aware that there is no known progress and that it has been deliberately interrupted,” says Al Thani. The resolution of this case in favor of the club would entail the income of the 12 million euros from the player's termination clause ”.

And conclude. “Once again the attitude of Muñoz Jiménez shows that” besides living away from the world of footballAs a Judicial Administrator, he knows how to dismember companies, not refloat them: the EREs or the bad sale of Antoñín to Granada C.F. they show that he is not prepared to make the project viable ”.

As it will be recalled, the judge has increased the bond that the Al Thani must satisfy on account of loans that they granted themselves for 'their expenses'. From 5.4 to 8.5 million euros. But the sheikh goes about his business …