The renewal of Aitor Fernández with Levante is one step away from closing. The Arrasate goalkeeper and the club have reached an agreement in principle to extend your contract until 2024, as it has advanced Sports Cope Valencia.

Photo by Aitor

The entity and the environment of the goalkeeper had been working on a renovation for some time that the Basque had won on the field of play, beyond the attack in 2019, in which Aitor took the starting position.

Levante Shield / Flag

The agreement involves an increase in your salary, according to their current status in the workforce, but not its clause, estimated at 30 million euros. A renewal that does justice to its 2019-20 season, in which it has already made its first renewal obsolete and from which the agreement is being considered, which has been affected by the current economic situation. As is happening as that of Dani Cárdenas himself, also affected by the little financial margin through which the club passes after the crisis.

The arrival of Javi Pereira has strengthened his role in the team, after alternating in goal at the beginning of the season with Cárdenas. The pacense has assured by active and passive that it is he who has the confidence right now. In his debut in the League, with Aitor in goal, the first clean sheet of the course arrived.

Aitor, that last year he suffered especially from the death of his father, whose anniversary occurred in the match last day against Getafe, and in which Cárdenas burst into force, he has earned the reward for his years of growth and good work at Orriols.