Social networks are revolutionized with the new musical advancement of Aitana Ocana. As with Shakira’s songs, fans of the ex-trump try to find a double meaning in her lyrics. The truth is that the new song by the young singer, happily in love with Sebastian Yatra after breaking up with Miguel Bernardeauit is not wasted.

“While they didn’t know, I secretly kissed you. Nobody did that to you. You looked for me. You ate me. But it was Adam’s fault when Eve got lost and another apple was bitten. Our lips look at each other,” sings Aitana in this new song, which receives the name of The Angels and it opens on March 30 at midnight. She herself already promotes it in networks, leaving all her fans with honey on her lips.

On Twitter, comments for all tastes: “As a society we will stop romanticizing cuckolds one day, I hope”, “Do you confirm horns?”, “I’m stiff with the lyrics”, “But is this an imaginary past or a confirmation of horns?” or “It’s called The Angels why call her The horns It would be too explicit.”

Shortly after confirming in December of last year the rupture of the interpreter of butterflies and the actor Miguel Bernardeau, son of Ana Duato, rumors of a possible courtship between Yatra and Aitana surfaced. As a result of the trips and the plans that they have shared together, the rumors have been confirmed. The paparazzi have also photographed them in an affectionate attitude, clearing up all doubts.

In these years, the two have gotten along well personally and professionally. They have worked together on The voice and they have also released several songs together: The doubts, lifeless heart y Cristina. Many followers even already dreamed of a possible relationship between the two. The first time they met was in Operation Triumph 2017when the Colombian went to one of the galas to promote one of his songs and even stopped in front of the Catalan to sing some verses.

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