Aitana is single after leaving Miguel Bernardeau, who returns with his parents

They had been in love for no less than four years but it couldn’t have been: Miguel Bernardeau has left the house father, where they lived together since September 2021, and the actor has returned to his parents. The images of their summers together in Ibiza remain to be remembered, scenes of love that began thanks to Instagram, when fame had still invaded their lives.

At 23, Aitana Ocaña and the actor Miguel Bernardeau (26) have decided to separate their paths and it is the story that occupies the cover of this Wednesday Lectures. They had been living together in the ex’s chalet for a year triumphant, but Miguel has returned to his parents’ house the actress Ana Duato and her husband, the producer of Tell me. Therefore, they will continue to be neighbors, since Aitana bought her house very close to where her former in-laws reside, with whom she has always gotten along well.

Lately we have seen Aitana and her ex together in the media because they are promoting the series in which they both star, entitled The last, and which is Aitana’s debut as an actress. It seems that the tensions added to the fact of working together may have to do with the end of this relationship. At the moment, the existence of third parties has not been known, although both the singer and the act are considered two of the sexiest and most desired celebrities on the national scene.