Aitana debuts single with heart attack transparencies and a change of look: “I’m super fine”

The singer has captured all eyes this Wednesday during the Christmas party that Yves Saint Laurent has celebrated in Madrid. And it is that only a few hours after the news of her surprising break with Miguel Bernardeau, the father She has posed on the red carpet with a very sexy black dress and a change of look that has left everyone speechless.

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The good girl is history. Aitana has cut her losses with her hair and has signed up for the seasonal bob with a marked round shoulder and bangs. In addition, she has said goodbye to her brown hair to take a chance on a black that does not look bad on her. Tonight, she matched her dress, a spectacular transparent tulle black design that revealed her stylized figure.

A groundbreaking look that marks a before and after. Perhaps of his life with and without Miguel Bernardeau? We do not know because she did not want to confirm or deny the news: “I’m super fine. You all know perfectly well that I never talk about my life and today is not going to be a different day”. The journalists insisted: “Regarding my personal life, I’m not going to say anything, it’s just that I never say those things and I’m not going to say them now.”