Aitana celebrates her 25th birthday with a party in Ibiza and a luxury companion: Sebastián Yatra

“Yes, no, you never decide… I know that you love me and you don’t tell me…” The song is not theirs but there are no lyrics that better reflect the relationship between Aitana and Sebastián Yatra right now. They were together for a year, they broke up, they came back, then they said they were just good friends and now we were completely confused, because we saw them together in Madrid (leaving the Colombian’s house) a few days ago. And if there is someone who knows how to play cat and mouse with the press, it is the interpreters of Akureyri. This Thursday, the Triunfita turned 25 and celebrated with a party in Ibiza attended by her friends, her parents… and her boyfriend?

Aitana herself has shared some images in which she appears with Sebastián Yatra in a very complicit attitude. Hugs and kisses in front of the camera that could have remained in the memory of her mobile phone but that they have published on social networks to the delight of their fans and confirm, perhaps, that theirs is once again a full-fledged courtship. “And finally 25, my mother’s favorite age… Thank you for all the congratulations and for the nice messages you always send me. 24 has been crazy with emotions, I know that 25 is going to be the same but I am the most happy with the people I love most, my family and friends. I feel very lucky.”Aitana wrote next to the carousel of images.

A few hours before, Miguel Bernardeau’s ex dedicated one of her songs to Yatra without naming him on the Starlite stage: “For me this song is very special. I have said it quite a few times, but I really think about it. In addition to being a special song because it is a song from the heart, I have done it with a very special person who also comes to this festival on August 24.”

Yatra, for his part, congratulated the artist on Instagram with an image and a brief message: “Happy birthday to this lady who is already 25.”