The girlfriend of the deceased’s driver Maria Teresa Campos He has always known that he couldn’t trust Carmen and Terelu but, after seeing their reaction to the entrance of Gustavo a GH VIP, it has become much clearer. Ainhoa, the love of the driver of the great presenter who died on September 5, has been dating the current reality contestant for just over two years.

Ainhoa ​​has stopped defending her boy on the set, giving up almost 3,000 euros per month, as we have already anticipated. She didn’t know how to react when Alejandra Rubiosupposedly on behalf of his aunt and his mother, assured that they did not agree with Gustavo’s entry into the contest and that he also did not tell them anything.

“They told me that they were smelling it because there were rumors, they asked him and he said no. So when he told him after my grandmother’s funeral, well, it would be because of the confidentiality contract but there was never a call to encourage him or anything like that, it was for something else and incidentally they told him to reach the final. But this man quit on September 29 after 34 years working with my grandmother by email. My mother couldn’t believe because he was with him all morning and I hadn’t told him anything. And that thing about him having been working for free going to see my grandmother when he had already said goodbye is not true. He asked to go see her and, of course, he could go whenever he wanted,” said Alejandra Rubio.

Ainhoa ​​sat on the debate set, with Ion Aramendi in front, because her boyfriend wanted her to do it. Terelu and Carmen had said no, so Gustavo considered that she was her best option. Although now Carmen Borrego, refished to support Ana Rosa Quintana in the program Sandra Barnedahas a pulpit from which to mortify his mother’s ‘son’.

But it is Ainhoa ​​who has been at the

At Gustavo’s side day and night, and knows him very well. In addition, he has also experienced her comings and goings with Teresa Campos’ daughters and knew that she could defend him from anything. Gustavo has cared like no one else for the communicator whom we all miss, but with his daughters he has had his ups and downs. “He was very disappointed with everything that happened months ago in Save me. That Terelu and Carmen allowed him to be questioned and criticized in such a brutal way when they both know how he has loved and cared for Teresa for the last 34 years,” they tell us.

From that moment on, relations became strained and he began to plan a future outside the Campos clan. He knew that Teresa was very sick and that when she left she would be out of a job. It was a matter of organizing her life, not leaving anyone stranded. In fact, he was there at the foot of the canyon until the last day. And what’s more, he entered Guadalix’s house super grateful and reconciled with Carmen and Terelu for how they made him feel when saying goodbye to his mother. “He felt love, affection and what his boss would have wanted, for him to be like one of the family, like another son. They called him, he was in the hospital, he didn’t move from there, he traveled to Malaga, they gave him his place, “he ate with them… He really thought that everything that had happened was behind him. That’s why when he comes out and sees what has happened, he’s going to be very disappointed,” they tell us.

The same one that Ainhoa ​​has felt, who since last Thursday has not come out of his astonishment. So much so that she has even given up her role as Gustavo’s defender. At the moment, as we have already pointed out, she is not going to go to the set anymore. She doesn’t have the strength, she doesn’t control the TV, she’s overwhelmed by criticism and she’s terrified of doing it wrong and harming her boyfriend. She believed that the Campos sisters were going to support him and give him public encouragement. She won’t beat him like that. In fact, she even wanted to clarify what really happened with the voluntary withdrawal. “He presents the resignation because his duties as a worker are no longer what they were. And in that letter he tells them that he does not want to be an economic burden for them,” says Ainhoa. And she clarifies: “In the last few months he had not felt well. He did not feel loved. There have been times when he was family and other times he was the driver.”

According to what they tell us, Gustavo did the Campos a favor by unsubscribing, for whatever reason. He did not receive compensation or anything similar and did not separate from Teresa until the last moment. In fact, he is having a very hard time because of his departure. He feels deep sadness. There is no one who knew her like he did. And she knew that her salary was not something her daughters could take on much longer. Just like she knew she wouldn’t be in her will. There wasn’t much. Thats the reality.