Agreement between Madrid and Alaba for five seasons, according to 'Sky'

David Alaba's future looks whiter than ever. As reported by the German television channel Sky Sport News HD, the still Bayern Munich player would have already opted for Real Madrid. Always according to the aforementioned media, the Austrian international would have already reached an agreement with the Santiago Bernabéu team and would sign a five-year contract until 2026.

As Sky adds, FC Barcelona, ​​a club with which the agents of the two-time European champion maintained contact in search of the club that best suited Alaba's requests, would no longer have anything to do with the word of the versatile footballer in favor of Real Madrid. The contract would not yet be signed but, as a journalist from the media explains on social networks, “it will take place over the next few weeks.”

DIn this way, Real Madrid seems to have declared itself willing to take on the stratospheric salary that Alaba is asking for. Numerous German and English media came to report on the defense's claims that came to cause Bayern to bury his renewal. Alaba asks a total of 450,000 euros a week from the team that wants to get him. The sum is equivalent to two million per month, that is, 22 gross kilos per season (eleven net).