When Tamara Falco uttered that “nanosecond in the metaverse” few of us imagined that he was going to return with the Madrid businessman. However, in the middle of Christmas and after numerous indications that pointed to it, the two sealed their reconciliation in Villa Meona, in the house of Isabella Preysler. They are already completely dedicated to the preparations for the wedding, which will be held on June 17 as planned from the beginning.

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It is inevitable to talk about them and among the famous it was not going to be less. This Thursday, Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada gave her opinion on the matter at an event organized by Fiat in Madrid. The designer supports any decision of the Marquise de Griñón and wishes her the best: “I love Tamara, I think they loved each other very much. She seems very nice and very natural to me.”

However, the Marchioness of Castelldosríus, who has countless exclusives behind her in the heart, also advised her: “I would advise her not to be so exposed, because hyperexposure is bad, and being so exposed is very bad.” Upon Inigo Onievadoes not stitch without a thread: “There is a Spanish proverb that says ‘He who has the vice, either does it at the door or does it on the doorstep'”.

The businesswoman has also had a few words for Tamara’s mother and her break with Mario Vargas Llosa: “That happens to all of us, it’s good that it happens to all of us and it makes it more human,” he said.

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Carlos Falcó’s daughter got engaged to her boyfriend in September and just one day after the announcement of the engagement, the video of Íñigo kissing another woman at a festival in Nevada came to light. Tamara cut her off for the sake of it but, months later, Onieva’s crying and attempts to get her back bore fruit for her. Seeing is believing. For now, they are boasting about the wedding that will take place, ‘If God wants’ (as Tamara would say), on June 17 at the El Rincón palace, the house that he inherited from his late father and from which he is making a profit.