When Celta announced the arrival of Aarón Martín on loan from Mainz, he did not want to reveal the amount of the purchase option that had been agreed with the German team. Well, this information was revealed by 'Sport Bild', which ensures that the figure amounts to 7 million euros, an amount perhaps somewhat high in the times that run for a side.

In addition, the execution period, according to this German newspaper, expires at the end of May, so the celestial directors will have to make a decision in this regard as soon as LaLiga ends (the last day will be played on May 23). It will, therefore, be one of the first movements of the club with a view to planning for next season.

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LaLiga Santander

* Data updated as of January 13, 2021

The signing of Aarón Martín was announced on December 31, although the winter market did not open until January 4 and it was a day later when he made his debut with the celestial team. Its premiere could not be more traumatic, with the grotesque elimination of the cup in Ibiza. Coudet did not use it in the next league match against Villarreal and it will be necessary to see who wins the battle for the left back in the future. This will largely depend on whether Celta executes that 7 million purchase option.

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