Even if Marcos Alonso was who did debut officially to Kings, the unofficial merit It is Joaquín Caparrós, with whom the utrerano settled in First. “I still imagine that I will see him in Utrera, in the Ciudad Deportiva or in the stadium. It was a huge loss because he had a special aura “, Caparrós related for AS. Pablo Blanco, its discoverer, is expressed in the same terms: “A year has passed and also a strange year. It was a smack. Since he was little he was a very happy player, which was what made him different. Now academic players come out and Reyes was different, fast like lightning, dribbler and electric. I won the matches when I felt like it, even rival fans were amazed. God gave him the gift of being a soccer player. “Pablo Blanco recruited Reyes with 9 years for a fry category that was being created in the 1992-93 season. Chance wanted the utrerano recalara in Sevilla the same year what did Maradona…

Unai Emery is one of those who knew best of what he was capable of wearing Kings to the pitch: “I had the commitment with Reyes that, if I played, I was going to do something different it was going to make a difference in the match. Before Basel He told me that if he wanted to win he had to put it to play. “

Seville Coat of Arms / Flag

What if something defined Reyes it was his way of living derbies. After the confinement, Caparrós does not doubt that Reyes would be right now a caged lion: “In this situation he would be a fundamental figure to convey what a derby is. But Reyes transmitted it and I carried it out in the field, which is where the difference is. “Seville remember Reyes today and clothe To a family what was key in his carrer. Because as Pablo Blanco affirms, “Reyes enjoyed derbies because he had sucked up the rivalry at home. His father was Betic, but his family mother was sevillista. And Reyes was a footballer for his mother. The father took him to train and his mother took him in life. “

The best moments of José Antonio Reyes

Debut. The January 30, 2000 José Antonio Reyes entered the scene. With 16 years, took the field in the 86th minute of the Zaragoza-Sevilla clash played at La Romareda.

Premier. Reyes was sold to Arsenal in the winter of 2004-05 in exchange 30 million. Under the orders of Arsene Wenger, he was the first Spaniard to lift the Premier League

Real Madrid. The utrerano fulfilled a dream arriving at Madrid in the 2006-07. It was not perhaps his best course, but he gave the Whites the League with a double against Mallorca.

Spanish selection. Reyes was a player of light and shadow with the selection. Mythical was the harangue that Luis Aragonés gave him before a game, comparing him to Henry.

Athletic. With the mattress equipment he conquered his first uefa cup in the 2009-10 campaign. Atlético's next Europa League also bears his name despite leaving.

The return. Nervión received his idol again in 2012 and there was no better way to experience his second stage at Sevilla. He raised three other Europa League under the command of Emery.


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