He August 2, 2019 years will be marked in the history of Almería. Saudi billionaire minister Turki Al-Sheikh bought the shares of Alfonso García, ending the 16 years of his mandate. It was her particular birthday gift from the sheikh, which on Tuesday blows 39 candles. Al-Sheikh, he's only gone to Almería twice at this time, delegates to Mohamed El Assy. He managing Director He presented the project, dividing it into three: sports, infrastructure and social.

The course of the first will be marked by a possible promotion; the initial goal was in three years, but the rush has appeared. On the other hand, in the Mediterranean Have been observed small improvementsbut still lack for the pharaonic goal of the Saudi, who has not yet been able to lay the first stone of the Sports City. Socially If that has fulfilled, involving the entity in society, standing out for those € 1.2M to help combat the coronavirus in the province of Almería.

Almería Shield / Flag

A province that has surrendered to Turki, just like himself: it has created his own rock, a pet with his nickname and flags, typhus and placards with his face, taking Almería's to the national press. He highlighted the proposal to change the shield and the shirt when it was barely a month old. Also his greatness to surround himself with best coaches of the world, too with Messi. All of them have passed through his home in Riyadh.

Al-sheikh It has also stood out for its little patience with technicians. In November, he fired Pedro Emanuel (replaced in August to Óscar Fernández) even though the UDA was second and had only lost two matches out of fourteen. The replaced Guti (It had thirteen movements in January), falling with seven days to go, in third place. Only one month lasted Mário Silva (finished league fourth). Now it's another Portuguese, José Gomes, who can rate the course as positive or negative. A promotion would make a winning project good where the wallet is no problem. For now, the illusion of the fans has returned.


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