a video call, the poor excuse of the coat and the 1,500 euros

New twist to the case of Alvaro Muñoz Escassi and Maria Jose Suarez. This is the history of summer. The email bomba “extortion” has been an understatement. This is the word that the rider used on Federico Jiménez Losantos’s programme. He also recounted it on Espejo Público. We thought that the extortion was sexual in nature, but no. It was not sexual, but about money. Who extorted him?

This is the sequence: days before the cruise through the Norwegian fjords, Escassi had planned a trip to Bilbao, according to what they say in This is life. María José sees that Álvaro is connected to WhatsApp, who tells her on his cell phone that he has left for Bilbao.

The model then makes a video call to him. During the call, María José sees that he is at home and not on his way as he had said. In other words, she catches him in a bind. How does he get out of this mess? Escassi excuses himself by saying that he has taken a coat again. They argue.

“Do you want to know who ‘the coat’ is?”

On their return from the Norwegian fjords it seems that there has been a reconciliation, but on June 26 everything changes. The email arrives. María José receives the famous email that blows up the relationship and with that trick question: “Do you want to know who is the coat?” The person lets you know that the coat from Bilbao was an excuse and that that night Alvaro was with her. An email with details of the sexual practices they were carrying out.

Escassi and María José when they smiled together just a few weeks ago

Makoke then pointed out on Telecinco: “I have spoken with sources close to María José. This person contacted her because Escassi owes her money and he has not paid her.” In other words, extortion. The email is from June 22, after the cruise they both shared. That day Suárez opens his eyes. As for the debt, the programme mentions that it was 1,500 euros and that it seems that it has already been paid off.