La Real has a treasure whose value amounts to 364.2 million euros. It is the market value given to the txuri urdin template by the ‘Transfermarkt’ website after its last update, recently carried out. This means that the Gipuzkoan team continues to be the fifth most valuable squad in all of LaLiga, adding the cache of all its players. All this before a summer in which the Real plans to make around four important contracts that, without a doubt, will increase the aforementioned figure. The San Sebastian entity has established itself in the elite and the successive European classifications only ratify it.

Only Real Madrid (750 million euros), Barcelona (675), Atlético de Madrid (660.5) and Villarreal (386.5) surpass Real in this highly revealing ranking. Behind are very powerful squads such as Sevilla (361.3), Valencia (294.5) or Betis (249). Further still are Athletic (219.3) and Getafe (157.70), which is tenth.

The market value of the Real

The market value of the Real

Roger Guillamet (MD)

Logically, the squad that has finished the season is taken into account, so in the Real they include Januzaj (10 million) and Monreal (1), which will not continue, and also Sorloth (10) y Rafinha (9), those on loan who have finished their contract with whom he wants to count on for the next campaign.

Oyarzabal is still the king

Mikel Oyarzabal is still the realist with the highest market value, 60 million euros, despite the fact that his injury has caused him to be one of the First Division players whose price has fallen the most in this latest update. It is not known when or how he will return, although everyone hopes to see the best version of the ’10’ again.

The second in the txuri urdin ranking is Mikel Merino (50 million) and to third place ex aequo has risen Martin Zubimendiwith a new astronomical appraisal of 30 million euros, which he shares with Le Normand e Isak.

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Zubimendi drives a ball against Atlético

It is curious because five of the first eight positions in the Real price ranking are occupied by homegrown players: Oyarzabal (60), Zubimendi (30), The Norman (30), Aritz Elustondo (20), which is seventh, and Igor Zubeldia (15), the eighth. Ground gold for a Real that has managed to generate that money without making more investment in them than the training itself. In the best ‘eleven’ he sneaks in as well Gorosabelvalued at 10 million euros.

The curious note is that the Royal releases a player like Adnan Januzajwhich was valued at 12 million euros (the ninth of the squad) and with which he already had a three-year agreement on paper.

6.0% less

Despite everything, the market value of Real, which has multiplied by seven since the rise -from 50 million to 364- has experienced a slight decrease of 6% since December. This is due to injuries Oyarzabal y Barrenetxea and to the scoring drought of Isak y Portuwhich have caused a drop in your cache.

As a general rule, this amount at which ‘Transfermarkt’ rates players is below the price for which Real would accept to transfer a player. I would never sell, for example, to Isakfor 30 million and for Merino I would ask for his termination clause, which is 60 million euros in the summer, 10 above the appraisal of the specialized portal.

CIES lifts Isak (49th world)

What ‘Transfermarkt’ does and updates is an approximation of what each player in the world costs, nothing scientific, although the value it gives to each one is taken into consideration, or at least observed, in operations such as transfers or renewals.

However, the values ​​offered by this specialized website do not coincide, for example, with those produced by ‘CIES Football Observatory’, which presumes to use more objective and scientific criteria. According to this other specialized site, the soccer player with the highest cache in the current Real Sociedad is Alexander Isaac, which he rates at 68.5 million and makes him, consequently, the 12th most valuable player in the League. For this portal, Mbappe (205 million) and Vinicius Júnior (185.3) are the most expensive players in the world, even above Erling Haaland (152.6). In LaLiga, behind the Brazilian from Madrid, they place Pedri (135.1) already Frankie de Jong (112,5).

According to CIES, there is only one Real player among the 100 highest-priced footballers in the world. He’s Isakwhich, with those 68.5 million euros, would be in 49th place, right between Romelu Lukaku y Alisson Becker.

Unequal cache of the desired

La Real is combing the market in search of the players it needs to shore up an attack depleted by casualties and injuries for next season. That’s the way it is, Olabe, Erik Bretos and the components of the Recruitment Unit have explored options of all market ranges, from the inaccessible, at least in the form of transfer, such as Soler o His roomeven the most affordable, such as Tello.
The football management loves footballers like Carlos Solervalued at 50 million euros by ‘Transfermarkt’, or Dimitri Szoboszlai (28 million). These are figures that the Real could never access (although Olabe He said that they could undertake a contract of 20-25 ‘kilos’). However, there are other ways to convince and sign, such as transfers. That is why the Real will talk about the Magyar when he meets with Leipzig for Sorloth.
Bryan Gil (18 million), Alassane Plea (15),
Gerard Deulofeu (10) y Cristian Tello (5) are other footballers for whom the Real has asked. They are market values, not the price they would cost, since Tellofor example, would arrive free, although a transfer premium would have to be paid beforehand.

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