Such a book was missing. A publication that will explain what Real Sociedad is today, how its quarry structure works, which is developed in Zubieta, but which begins much earlier, thanks to the close collaboration with all the clubs in Gipuzkoa (except Antiguoko, which signed a collaboration agreement with Athletic; and Eibar, which after passing through Primera, he must define his role in Gipuzkoan football). The club wanted to reflect it in a careful edition that it has developed in collaboration with the Dimensión agency, and presented by the president of the Real, Jokin Aperribay, in the auditorium of the Reale Arena, together with the Head of the Foundation and Director of the Club’s Presidency, Andoni Iraola, the Director of Football, Roberto Olabe and the Director of Football Education, Luki Iriarte. “This is a book that talks about a model, that of the Real, that of Zubieta, the txuri urdin heart,” initially sums up the president, Aperribay.

Shield / Flag R. Society

“Many of the people who work with the players of the Gipuzkoan youth academy have participated in the book on a day-to-day basis. People who make an effort, united by the same vision, objectives, conviction and vocation. Because When we talk about Zubieta, we are referring not to a physical space, but to a concept that encompasses all the work carried out with the children of Gipuzkoa. From school sports, through soccer schools, agreed clubs and work with the talent itinerary already in the Real’s own teams, ”says Andoni Iraola, who has been followed by Roberto Olabe. “’Made in Gipuzkoa’ begins by sharing the strategic vision of a mirror model of the way of being of a territory. It tells how those values ​​that make up the way of being and doing of Gipuzkoa are and have been the beacon of the entire process of training boys and girls in the Royal Society. Its reason for being. A) Yes, La Real has coined the phrase “We are how we play, we play as we are”, as an expression of the way of working in the Royal Society totally linked to the Gipuzkoan identity ”.

It is a book in which La Real shows its fans the origins of its different way of doing things. Because even since the club’s founding in 1909 there was talk of values, in addition to football, it was in 1952, with the creation of the first youth team, when there was evidence of a mandatory, a singularity, a basis for the formation of the blue and white homegrown players, as revealed in the publication. “We find the essence of the model that Zubieta represents: the person, not just the footballer. That boy or girl who we still do not know what will be in the future: footballer, engineer, doctor, mechanic, lawyer … is the center of everything. Each person is, this model, a project in himself and everything else revolves around him. The txuriurdin technicians accompany, care for and train the boys and girls throughout the entire itinerary, with stability as a platform for a model based on trust and patience. Caring, training, accompanying, ultimately educating. That is the mandate we receive from the community we want to represent, from the Gipuzkoan families, from the Gipuzkoan society in general ”, points out Aperribay, who also adds that the book explains how this different way of doing things would not be possible without the work of a community, Gipuzkoa, involved with sport. Soccer schools and school sports are fundamental in the process and at the same time differentiating ”.

With ‘Made in Gipuzkoa’, the Real has wanted to share its comprehensive training model, which is increasingly prominent throughout the world. In this model, we discover how the txuri urdin club works in a different way everything related to the conditional, the emotional, the health, the prevention and the performance, the academic … In the Real that the soccer players understand the game is fundamental and it is instilled from the moment they walk through the door with 12 years. Professionals work closely with families every moment of a process full of mixed emotions. From the moment they arrive until they leave Zubieta. He also explains the tools used by the Real, which “are obligations, even knowing that it implies not competing under the same conditions as others. Never a player arrives before the 12 years to Zubieta. All boys and girls are guaranteed a number of minutes ”. The soccer decalogue on which the Real is based to work with the quarry comes to light in this book, which also includes the testimonies of illustrious international footballers who tell of their experience working in Zubieta when they wore the Real Sociedad shirt.