The investigation into the crime of Edwin Arrieta It is still open, albeit for a short time. The Thai police are clear about this and the trial against Daniel Sancho is scheduled for the end of the year, as announced by the Thai prosecutor. It is not easy for him: the authorities are requesting the death penalty for him considering that he premeditatedly murdered the Colombian surgeon and they have plenty of evidence to prove it.

This Tuesday, new and interesting data about the police report that had been lost as a result of language difficulties have been revealed. Has been Two Yuppawho was Rappel’s partner and now a talk show host at Public mirrorthe one who works as an official translator and reveals: “Big Joke (the police officer in charge of the investigation) says that he has never, ever seen, in any dismemberment, a cut as clean as the one that Edwin presents in the neck. It is as if he were a professional”.

The Thai woman living in Spain has added: “In the trial, 65 objects will be presented that have been found to have a lot to do with both. And 20 people will testify”. In addition, Two Yupa has spoken with a contact from the scientific police and has explained what the recovery process will be like for the messages that Daniel Sancho supposedly deleted from his mobile phone after Edwin’s death and that would be the famous threats from the Colombian surgeon. to the Spanish chef: “I speak with my contact with the scientific police in Thailand that the messages will take three weeks because Lines is used there, like WhatsApp, because the messages are encrypted and the Meta company has to authorize Thailand to see the messages deleted. Meta can recover them, but it’s a delicate process.”

Finally, Two Yupa does not rule out further questioning of Daniel Sancho in the coming days: “The investigation is very advanced but they want to talk to Daniel more because they want to see the details and they want to clarify some evidence.”

the last inconsistency

The new information provided this Tuesday by the famous Thai opens up new questions about the famous shirt that was found in a landfill. According to police, it belonged to Edwin and had a stab wound to the chest. However, the lack of blood cast doubt on the police theory (which suggested that Daniel had stabbed the Colombian) and they defended: “He washed the garment to erase the blood and thus erase traces.”

Now, Two Yupa reveals: “In the police report they explain that a single bag containing three others was found in the dump. In one there were dismembered parts, in another clothing, gloves and scouring pads. In the last one, the shirt alone”. But why wash the shirt to remove the blood and then throw it away with organic remains and other bloody evidence?