The return of the WTA circuit is scheduled for this Monday, August 3, more than five months after all the activity stops in March. However, many are the stars that have already given up participating in the transalpine event … and, last but not least, the organization has detected a positive in the previous controls (mandatory requirement to participate), according to the Italian press. It would be a doubles player. According to the protocol, it will be isolated and quarantined. Before the result of these tests, no one can have contact with the other players, so the tournament remains standing.

Before knowing this result, there had already been a barrage of casualties among the players on the WTA circuit. Simona Halep and Johanna Konta, two of the most prominent in the table, were the first to resign. In the last hours, Ostapenko, Sevastova and Muchova, among others, have followed the same path. In the case of Halep, it is because the Italian Health imposed a quarantine of two weeks on people who came to the country from Romania, among other reasons.

In the public section, there will only be in the main stadium, occupying 300 of the 1,500 seats available, with all the security measures: distance, mask, gels to disinfect, etc., according to La Nación. The director of the Palermo tournament, Oliviero Palma, said that this year they will have economic losses, but that this season the “priority is to play tennis.”


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