And 25. In a quarter of a hundred leaves Marcelo the count of titles raised with the shirt of the Real Madrid since he arrived in the winter of 2006 at the white team. And not with just any one, but with the Fourteenth Championsthe fifth of his personal awards and the most special because although he has not been as important in its achievement as in others, he has been the one who has raised it to the sky of Paris.

It is therefore this title of what everything points to as a point and end in the career of Marcelo in the Real Madrid. Despite the fact that his desire is to continue at the club, the offices have already communicated their refusal to continue and leave this summer a relationship that has been full of successes and great moments.

Marcelo He has played his sixteenth season as a madridista, which makes him the foreigner with the most campaigns in the Real Madrid. Since he debuted on January 7, 2007 against the Deportivoalready accumulates 545 games and has scored 38 goals with the team, being the one in the final of Lisboa before him Atlético one of the most special in assuming the From above Champions meringue and his first.

Thus, his future is now unknown but what is clear is that in the white team he has already left a legacy at the height of Roberto Carlos even superior, something that seemed like a chimera when he arrived as a ‘child’ from the palm trees.

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