Paulo Futre serves as a link between the two teams that face each other tonight. The Portuguese was an important player in the history of the two clubs. With Porto he won a European Cup, that of 1987. In the Portuguese entity he spent three seasons, in which he won two Leagues and two Super Cups, in addition to the aforementioned European Cup. He dazzled in the final against Bayern and Jesús Gil signed him for Atlético. The football world was captivated by the young Portuguese footballer. It was his great asset in the elections in which Gil came out as president.

With the rojilbanco team he won two Cups. In the one he won against Real Madrid at the Bernabéu he did a goal that remains in the memory of the rojiblancos fans and is the history of the Madrid club. He beat Chendo by speed and beat Buyo after a shot to the squad. His duels with Real Madrid are part of the history of LaLiga and of both clubs.

Athletic Shield / Flag

In his six seasons he had the bitter taste of not having won the league title. But for the kneeling of the Calderón he was a reference. His speed and dribbling keep him one of the best in Atletico's history. He returned in a second stage, in the 1997-98 season, but it was not the same.

In total he played 215 games with the Atlético shirt in which he scored 52 goals. Already retired, he was the technical director of a rojiblanco club that he carries in his heart. He does not usually go to see Atlético matches live, but every time he does, he receives the signs of affection and admiration from the rojiblanca fans. He has his plaque in the stadium and today he will be very aware of the game.

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