The pandemic It is not over, even though it sometimes seems like it. The wave that floods Europe, and that has led to confinements in countries such as Austria and Slovakia, He had already been warning us in the distance, not so far away, that the damn coronavirus is rearming itself. Spain, with better vaccination rates and with a generalized use of the mask, has not yet entered into that state of alert, but in recent dates it also suffers a disturbing upswing in positives. Here we are not yet in the worrying continental figures, but you already know that ‘when you see your neighbor’s beard shaved, put yours to soak.’ Sport, which is no stranger to the ills of society, came this Thursday to remember it with a news of impact: Carlos Alcaraz is infected and causes low in the Davis Cup.

The case of AlcarazFrom a strictly sports perspective, it is “a very hard stick”, as the player himself has written on his social networks. It is a stick for the tennis player, because he was going to fulfill the dream of debuting this Friday with the Davis team against Ecuador, with a prominence that was guessed very relevant. It is a stick for the National Team, which had the progression and the good tone of form of the Murcian as one of his great assets in the defense of the salad bowl. It’s a stick for the Davis Cup, because Alcaraz lit up the tournament as one of its rising stars. And it is a stick also for Madrid fans, who focused their attention on the recent ATP Finals NextGen champion. A stick, no matter where you look. It is not the first similar blow that Spanish sport receives, nor world sport, it is enough to remember the positive one that left Jon Rahm out of the Olympics. Alcaraz is still young, he will have more opportunities, but that does not alleviate his slump. Your case, at least, helps us to refresh that the pandemic still lurks. It should not be forgotten.

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