In Espanyol's most recent past, Let's say the one from the Chen Yansheng era (2016-2021), two coaches have set the pace with two antagonistic styles both in drawing and in intentions. Quique Sánchez Flores bet on 4-4-2: order and counterattack. The first year he gave the team a good defensive organization, with Javi Fuego as the flag. Joan Francesc Ferrer Rubi, on the other hand, was faithful to 4-3-3, with Roca, Darder and Melendo as the youth squad and iconographic midfield. With the first Espanyol was eighth and with Rubi, seventh. Two even yields in different ways.

Vicente Moreno's Espanyol is now ready to choose his path. Leaving aside the season in Second (another hierarchy for the parakeet team, other circumstances), the technician bet in the first three days for Quique's 4-4-2, with a fairly similar game. It was an ordered Espanyol that drew in Pamplona (0-0) and Villarreal (0-0). The team alternated the pressure in the opposite field with the retreat (it was the team that defended closest to the goal) and in attack he created opportunities by taking advantage of counterattacks.

Espanyol Shield / Flag

Also the second half against Atlético went to that 4-4-2, with two references (Loren Morón and Nany Dimata), although the drawing was discolored by Atlético in contrast to the first half, when with the 4-3-3 the blue and white dominated and went ahead (1-0). That Espanyol had details of Rubi's, with Morlanes playing Marc Roca; Melendo and especially Darder commanding the game. It was a patient team with the ball, incisive on the sides and deep also on the inside, with Darder or Melendo receiving close to the area.

With one more style chameleonAs he has commented on numerous occasions in the press room, Vicente Moreno can adopt the team of both personalities, although he will have to decide in this week of three meetings which one is the priority. The choice of the players and the drawing will determine the intentions in this case. Right now the coach must decide if he wants to be Quique or Rubi. Any path can lead to the goal.