The Spanish futsal team released the new classification format for the Euro 2022 with the rotundity of the favorite and with a incontestable victory against Latvia (7-0), Which he defeated without nuances, ahead on the scoreboard from minute 3 to the end, with the obvious and foreseeable difference.

Although his adversary did disturb Juanjo a couple of times, whose answer was solvent, Spain never suffered for the win. Neither 0-0 nor 1-0, much less when step by step he increased the income to make it unattainable for his adversary and to beat the first three points of the group, waiting for Switzerland and Slovenia.

Practically unapproachable in defense, before the minute 3 Spain was already winning 1-0. I write it down Sergio Lozano, which culminated the collective play, with the rapid movement of each of the four footballers on the court, until the assistance from the baseline by Raúl Gómez and the shot from the Barcelona player. The best way to start: a quick goal … and no rival options.

The command was from Spain always. The scoreboard too. In the same 7, Chinese He hit a long right hand that made it 2-0 for the team trained by Fede Vidal. A powerful launch that the goalkeeper Zurovs did not reach and that accommodated the superiority of the Red in the most important place of all: in the electronic.

Not even so did he slow down: scored 3-0 in minute 13 with a cut and an unstoppable shot of Raul Gomez and that shot the difference in the second half, with the Solano's 4-0, the 5-0 by Sergio Lozano, the 6-0 by Raúl Gómez and the 7-0 by Jesús Herrero, to complete the exercise of undisputed favorite of the Spanish team.

(+) See the summary and the goals of the match:

Data sheet:

7 – Spain: Juanjo, Ortiz, Lozano, Adri, Raúl Gómez -five starting-; Chino, Solano, Adolfo, Mellado, Esteban, Tolrà, Andresito, Fernan and Jesús Herrero.

0 – Latvia: Zurovs, J. Pastars, Matjusenko, Mattis Babris, Mik. Babris -initial five-; Rozkovskis, K. Zabarovskis, Baklanovs, Strazdins, Boroda, Rimkus, Tarakanovs, and Potlovs.

Goals: 1-0, m. 3: Sergio Lozano. 2-0, m. 7: Chinese. 3-0, m. 13: Raúl Gómez. 4-0, m. 27: Solano. 5.0, m. 32: Sergio Lozano. 6-0, m. 34: Raúl Gómez. 7-0, m. 35: Jesus Herrero.

Referees: Volha Pauliuts (Belarus) and Daniel Matkovic (Switzerland). They admonished the Latvian Rozkovskis (m. 11).

Incidents: Match corresponding to the first day of Group 6 of the qualifying phase for Euro 2022, played in the Ciudad del Fútbol in the Madrid town of Las Rozas without an audience.