The leak that Barça will have a loan of 500 million euros granted by Goldman Sachs could open a new scenario in the Barça project with a view to the 2021-22 season, Laporta's first complete in his second term as president. To begin with, the 100 million euros that he will receive in the short term will allow Barça to begin to settle pending matters, such as late payments to clubs (for example, Liverpool for Coutinho) and even contract terminations to players of which you want to do without.

Mundo Deportivo reported this Tuesday that Footballers like Piqué, Busquets, Sergi Roberto or Griezmann could leave Barça this summer, although in the case of Piqué, due to all the ramifications he has in the club, from the presidency to the dressing room, nobody sees him out except that he himself I made the decision to leave Barça. Hard to think about. Of course, footballers like Umtiti, Júnior, Braithwaite, Matheus, Pjanic … have their hours counted at Barça.

Barcelona Shield / Flag

The credit of 500 million euros from Goldman Sanchs, which in no case will give political rights to the loan holder unless Laporta breaks his electoral word, allows, according to high levels of the board itself, to think that it is possible to make a template competitive and that this is compatible with the renewal of Messi. But what will not come is a crack. Hope began to be abandoned with the renewal of Neymar and ended up being confirmed with the announcement of TV3 that Haaland will not be Barça next season and that the eggs have been put in Messi's basket. The idea of ​​Barça and that is why Mateu Alemany has come, is to try to create a competitive squad, with players who, although they do not make a difference at the world level, do raise the average level of the squad.

Laporta is aware that he must take advantage of this oxygen cylinder that Goldman Sachs gives him to make decisions. In his first stage, he was a proactive president who intervened in a profound remodeling of the workforce in 2003 and 2004; and that in 2008 he also made the obligatory decisions to reactivate a team that had crashed. In both cases, it did so successfully. In 2005 and 2009, Barça were league champions. Laporta has that nose to guess what is missing in a squad, so it is easy to find the shortcomings of a team in which only Messi has scored goals and they will decrease as the years go by; and there is a lack of leadership and a strong middle class on a physical and talent level.

Barça in 2003 rose with players like Márquez or Deco and in 2008, with Alves, Keita … That is Laporta's goal and for that he put Mateu Alemany to work months ago. It gives the feeling that the diagnosis has been made. Earned the credit of Goldman Sachs, and waiting to know who will be the coach, it is time for decisions. Not only of the choice of the same, also of the execution once and for all. Laporta plays a lot of credibility this summer.