32% of Madrilenians between 8 and 12 years old are overweight or obese and only 27% of girls do one hour of sports a day, compared to 38% of boys.

This has been detailed by the delegate of Sports of the Madrid City Council, Sofía Miranda, during the presentation of a study on physical activity and sedentary lifestyle in school children carried out after the confinement of the pandemic in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

The data of the same were taken between October and December 2020, after the return to the classrooms of these children who saw how their possibilities to exercise were limited during the hardest stage of Covid-19 and how the parks were also closed time after it.

Several variables were analyzed, from the hours dedicated to sports weekly to eating, through the hours of sleep and the time dedicated to activities with screens.

“The children were in confinement especially hooked on screens and we needed objective data to design public policies that promote physical activity because healthy children will mean a healthier and healthier society,” Miranda remarked.

Miranda has alarmed that one out of every three Madrilenians in this area is overweight or obese and that 32% comply with the recommendation of the World Health Organization (WHO) to exercise one hour a day and that, within them, there were less prevalence in girls, who, moreover, gave up more sports practice as they got older.

That is why he sees a “conscience” necessary for them to have healthy habits, so this Saturday, Sports Day will be destined to fight against childhood obesity and an alliance is being “closed” with the Pau Gasol Foundation to “promote healthy eating in families “.


Also present at the presentation was the vice mayor of the capital, Begoña Villacís, who first of all congratulated the schools for returning to classrooms after confinement and stressed the importance of these spaces and families so that the youngest develop good habits.

“Many things condition our life. From where you are born, what gender, what family and what city and type of government you have. We want to say that from the City Council it is a priority to address health from childhood”, has remarked the vice-mayor, who has pointed out that obesity is the “pandemic of the 21st century”.

It has also stressed that policies must be promoted so that the “family is an athlete” and that these values ​​are transmitted to children. He added that Madrid is the capital of Europe “with more sports offer” and that a bet has been made so that it reaches “all districts”.

“Playing sports serves to prevent a higher prevalence of hypertension, diabetes, obesity … Living less and with a lower quality of life,” concluded Begoña Villacís.