Uruguay does not score points. Get win after win. Argentina in Buenos Aires, Brazil in Manaus, now Bolivia on La Paz (3-0). Also the defeat against Argentina in Montevideo four days ago. He only added one points in the last five games.

Nor does he score goals. Only one conquest in those last five encounters. The drought in the network is alarming. Not the historical scorer, Luis Suarez he befriends the goal. Worse still, in these South American Qualifiers, Suárez hasn’t scored a single field goal. He only converted from a penalty and a free kick. And Cavani, the other historical scorer, has hardly played.

Uruguay it’s complicated. Very complicated. And it fails to reverse the situation. It is at the end of the cycle that is very hard. Without the excellent performance of the stars of South Africa 2010. And the renewal, with capable young people but just growing, does not bring the necessary renewal either.

The celestial jumped onto the field of Hernando Siles de Peace with a conservative scheme. Four in the background, Matias Vecino ahead, four in the middle and ahead only the youthful Agustín Alvarez Martínez. Luis Suárez started the game on the substitute bench.

With that defensive block, against a Bolivia that is the poorest football team on the continent, he resisted half an hour. He even had the best chance, at the feet of Nández, which wasted the celestial.

But a rude mistake by goalkeeper Fernando musleraAfter a very long center from Arce’s left, he allowed the opening of the premises. The goal slipped through his hands, hit the post and inside. At the end of the first half, a corner was given to the greens. The headbutt of Marcelo Martins, before the weak resistance of Muslera, consecrated the second goal of Bolivia. It seemed an excessive reward for a team that only twice directed its shots to the Uruguayan goal. But two celestial errors, added to an offensive celestial drought that is already alarming, did their work.

In the plugin he entered Luis Suarez by Vecino, and Tabárez’s approach appeared more risky. Something like kill or be killed. Either it was discounted, or the adverse win was risked by leaving many free meters for the Bolivian counterattack.

He looked for the celestial in the first quarter of an hour of the complement. But not aggressive enough. And to add insult to injury, he met goalkeeper Lampe, always safe.

Bolivia was able to increase. An innocent criminal of Giovanni González was marred by Marcelo Martins, who finished over the crossbar. And he was left with ten men, due to the expulsion of Algañaraz after a strong foul on Diego Godín. But not even like that.

A header from Arce, who won the back of Giovanni González, put the third for the locals. Goleada, close and let’s go. Uruguay he left with three goals in the suitcases of La Paz. Complicated, very complicated. And without reaction.