25 million records, real estate and a dinner show in Ibiza

Nacho Cano’s close friendship with the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, resulted in that significant medal of Art and Culture that he received in Madrid music after the pandemic. A friendship that has now been strengthened much more after Cano’s arrest for allegedly hiring illegal immigrants for his musical in Madrid, ‘Malinche’. “Personal destruction for political purposes is Stalinism,” the president said forcefully in favor of her friend. Once released, the former Mecano lashed out at the Police and the Government: “The criminal is not me, it is the police. If they find me dead in a ditch, they already know who it was.”

Nacho has forged a spectacular artistic career with Mecano, which led him to become one of the best-selling, most beloved and acclaimed groups in music over several decades. Six albums and 25 million copies sold. In addition to his contracts with the Community of Madrid (we saw him sing at the Puerta del Sol on the first New Year’s Eve of the pandemic and he was also in charge of the opening party of the Canal Theaters in Madrid), the musician has the production company with which he has brought Malinche to the stage.

Among his assets is his house in Villatranquila, in Ibiza, where he invited Ayuso to spend a few days in the summer. The property, a spectacular five-storey building with a garden and swimming pool, belongs to one of his companies, Yogi Songs SL, according to El Confidencial. This company, which holds 33% of the Mecano company, moved a turnover of 530,000, with profits of 186,000. Nacho also has Laika Records, dedicated to music production; and Dalai Tacos SL, dedicated to catering, according to the aforementioned digital. One of his most recent projects is the launch of the dinner show Ibiza Hippie Heaven at the Pereira theatre on the Pitiusa island.

Nacho’s love story with Ibiza began in 1982, during the years of Ku and Pachá. From his first property, he moved to a house in the north of the island in the late 90s, in search of more tranquillity. Nacho has been in Ibiza for more than 40 years.