If there is a club that does not hesitate to give opportunity to the youth squads who are prepared to enter the dynamics of the first team, that's Athletic Club. And in the coming years they will have plenty of reason to hope. In this section we have already analyzed three puppies that have everything to give San Mamés great joy: Nico Serrano, Nico Williams and Ibon Ispizua. The three were born in 2003, so the logical thing is that they still have at least one year in the branch (with occasional appearances in the first team) before taking the final jump.

However, in Lezama they have another youth squad who is already ready to knock down the door: Beñat Prados (Pamplona, ​​2001). It is a quality midfielder, vision of the game and who perfectly manages the game times. An organizer. He aspires to follow in the footsteps of his namesake Athletic, Beñat Etxebarria, because they have many similarities due to their style of play. Also in the glove that both have in their boots to launch plays with a set piece. Athletic has always been characterized by having race footballers mixed with ‘gamers’ that allow for that combination of direct but quality play.

Beñat Prados joined Athletic in 2015-16. He came from La Txantrea, a fishing ground for great footballers. From there, without going any further, San José or Iker Muniain, with whom Prados will share a locker room at Athletic. He soon stood out, although in the beginning of 2018-19 he suffered a radius fracture that made him go under the knife. He came back stronger and this year he has alternated Basconia, in Third, with Bilbao Athletic, in Second B. The next course is to be expected to continue in the subsidiary led by Joseba Etxeberria, although with more and more presence in the first team under Garitano…


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