The Eibar has been provisionally in the lead of LaLiga SmartBank after winning this Friday 2-1 against Cartagena in a game that he began controlling, but in which he ended up suffering.

They faced in Ipurua two teams with the best streak of Second of the last days in an unprecedented duel in official competition. But Eibar is sweet and came out like a gale.

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Just after minute 5 of the game a pass from Exposito to Javi Muñoz, culminated with a cross shot of the latter who slipped in an unappealable way into the goal of Martínez.

Two minutes later another quick armera play ended with another cross from Exposito, which Quique finished off with a head in the first instance and the goalkeeper’s rejection reached Blanco Leschuk, who was about to get the second, but his shot hit the post.

The Argentine player was soon compensated, since after a corner kick thrown by Javi Muñoz, Leschuk hit the ball with one foot with a low shot that this time did slip into the Cartagena nets. Two goals in less than 10 minutes that momentarily knocked out Efesé.

The Cartagena had to row against the current with an unexpected result in such a short time. It began to settle on the field and generate some danger. The first was a distant shot from Gallar, which went away, but at least it was a warning when the 22nd minute was fulfilled. However, Eibar played with a wide advantage on the scoreboard that allowed them to be comfortable.

At minute 26 the he had corpas again, that after a center from Quique, he hit a header that hit the post again. Two goals and two sticks in a few dreamy minutes from Eibar, against a rival who had just won neither more nor less than Sporting. But the Murcian team failed to sink their teeth into a much superior Eibar.

So Expósito showed again with a head butt in the 32nd minute, which was stopped in a spectacular way by Marc Martínez with a providential hand and that was able to increase the score of the Gipuzkoan team.

In ’33, Quique had her again and Martínez stopped her. It was a real local bombardment on the goal of Cartagena, whose players were powerless to counteract the Barça game.

Thus Luis Carrión was forced to change to two of his players in the 39th minute to increase their offensive ability. Changes took effect and a header from De Blasis He forced Yoel to use himself thoroughly on the clearest occasion for Cartagena.

The expulsion of Toño García in the 43rd minute after a scuffle left Eibar with one less and an open match for the second half. Bodiger in the discount launched a shot between the three clubs that could close the gap.

The scenario seemed that it was going to change in the second half, with a Cartagena thrown higher taking advantage of its numerical superiority, which was going to force Eibar to retreat, but the gunsmiths came out without complexes.

Nevertheless Cartagena little by little took command in search of shortening distances. And he did it in the 59th minute after a cross from Gallar, who a former Eibar, De Blasis headed to the net. 2-1 for Cartagena, who were beginning to believe.

a Ortuño’s header was about to suppose the tie. Eibar suffered to stay ahead and Garitano reinforced his defense with the entry of Etxeita.

Cartagena continued to insist with a deep pass from Ortuño, which Rubén Castro did not reach by centimeters. Venancio put a ball into the net in the final minutes that was not valid due to a previous foul by Cartagena. But until the end, everything was suffering for Eibar. A shot from Silva He brought fear to the stands of Ipurua with the time almost fulfilled, but the comeback was not completed and Eibar sleeps today as leader of Second.


2. Eibar. Yoel, Tejero, Burgos, Venancio, Toño, Javi Muñoz, Sergio Álvarez (Atienza, m. 91), Corpas (Etxeita. M. 73), Expósito (Sielva, m. 84), Quique (Correa, m. 46) and White.

1. Cartagena: Martínez, Luna (Neskes, m. 81), Vázquez, Silva, Delmás (Simón, m. 81), Gallar, Bodiger (Ortuño, m. 57), Cayarga (Okazaki, m. 39). Mohammed Dauda (Boateng. M. 39), De Blasis and Castro.

Goals: 1-0, m. 6. Javi Muñoz. 2-0, m. 9. White Leschuk. 2-1, m. 60. De Blasis.

Arbitration. The collegiate Rubén Ávalos of the Catalan Committee. He admonished Luna in the 30th minute. He sent off Toño García in the 43rd minute with a direct red card and in the same minute he showed Delmás yellow. In 72 he admonished Silva and in 91 Leschuk.

Incidents: Second consecutive game in Ipurua on a Friday night. Ipurua is gradually recovering its usual pre-pandemic appearance, with almost 4,100 spectators. Before the game, the team wore a support shirt for Franchu Feullassier after his recent injury.