This was the performance of the players against Lithuania. Historic match in which 16 players debuted with the absolute number.

Alvaro Fernandez: Goalkeeper, safe on the top, reliable on his feet and with great reflexes. He has shown his great conditions in Huesca. He had little work against Lithuania. He left his place to Josep in the 68th minute.

Oscar Gil: Solid in defense and attack, he is very difficult to overflow and always knows how to choose when to attack. Great first half. Replaced at halftime by Well.

Mingueza: Expedient to the cut and good foot. A defender who has already shown at Barça that he has a future in the senior team. He had a goal with a close-range shot in the 38th minute that crashed into the goalkeeper's body.

Hugo Gillamón: His exit of the ball is fundamental for this Selection. Its conditions are ideal for the model also for the model of Luis Enrique. Important in set pieces, he scored 1-0 from a dry shot just off a corner.

Cucurella: In Spain it adapts better to the side to appear by surprise in attack. His capacity for sacrifice and his technical and tactical skills make him the main candidate for the future left-back of the absolute. Replaced at halftime by Juan Miranda.

Zubimendi: A veteran in the boots of a U21. He does everything a midfielder has to do and he does everything well. Replaced in the 53rd minute by Antonio Blanco.

Manu Garcia: Nail your work between the lines for inside play and fast transitions. Another superclass.

Villar: Class to give away and vision of the game, his season and a half in Rome has strengthened him physically. Good match. He was replaced in '74 by Fran Beltrán.

Brahim Diaz: The fantasy of Spain. A footballer that is nice to see. Nice and good. He scored 2-0 with a powerful right cross. In the second half he pulled the repertoire. He can play for Real Madrid perfectly. It is at the level of Vinicius and Rodrigo or a step above, even.

Abel ruiz: He sticks with the defense, always gives support and also arrives with instinct at the finishing positions. He scored a penalty in the 28th minute. He deserved the goal, but he must look at the studs he chooses because he slipped more than necessary.

Bryan gil: The only one who had already debuted with the absolute. A neighborhood bargainer. Maximum exponent of the Andalusian school. Always face and seek one against one. A necessary player. He had to stop playing the last minutes due to some inconvenience.


Water well: Played the entire second half. One lung on the right side. He showed that he feels the red shirt. Great future.

Juan Miranda: The Betis side came in after the break for Cucurella. He scored a great goal from a direct free-kick and more than fulfilled his role on the left wing.

Antonio Blanco: The Real Madrid center midfielder also made his debut in the absolute. A talented and hard-working footballer, with quality and hard work, a product of the Madrid factory. Prepared to triumph at the Bernabéu and return to the absolute.

Handful: The Espanyol striker has all the conditions to be a world top. He scored a home-brand goal to make the score 4-0.

Josep: Entered in minute 68 by Álvaro Fernández. The Alcira-born Leipzig goalkeeper hardly had a job. Very good plant and good command voice.

Fran Beltran: He came out for Villar in '74. A player already made and with category who won the award like all his teammates to debut with the absolute, where all those who have debuted against Lithuania can arrive.