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# 1DíaMenosParaSerCampeones, the new hashtag created by Real

Gabby Barker



In the absence of goals and games, the Royal intends to cheer on its troops in the times of the coronavirus with inspiring messages. And it has created an impressive hashtag that will surely accompany your initiatives on its website and on social networks: # 1diamenosparasercampeones. The person with whom they have decided to open such a shout of encouragement is Imanol
Ibarrondo, renowned coach and current manager of the Real Sociedad's unit of emotion and performance.

TO Ibarrondo He was entrusted with an inspiring and encouraging 'speech' for the realistic followers in the current situation of illness and confinement. The Biscayan illustrated with a curious fable a message in which he came to point out that the citizen must take advantage of this situation of hardship and concern to grow personally and know how to better cope in the future with the vicissitudes that happen to him in his life. “Hopefully we can all learn what is necessary from this process of confinement and collective suffering to be transformed as wiser and healthier people.”

Account Ibarrondo the fable of a king from a distant country who had the wiser person of the place inscribed on his ring a phrase that would support and inspire him in times of anxiety. These came with drought and the lost battle against the enemy army. At the worst moment, he read the inscription on the ring: “This will also happen.” This made him rearm and cheer on his troops, who counterattacked and defeated their adversaries. In the following party, the sage forced the monarch to reread the message: “This will also happen”, making him see that sooner or later prosperity would end, that more hardships would come, but that what they had learned and suffered would have to serve them to cope better.

The Real players pose with children before the game against Villarreal
The Real players pose with children before the game against Villarreal

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