In a football match, the penalty kick has been known as a means of turning things around or disrupting games. These moments can happen in every player or goalie and it has created memorable moments in a football match. Besides, the penalty kick plays a significant role every single moment of a football match. It can be leveraged to help the team go ahead or take the lead or draw, win or lose the championship. 

A penalty will always make the stands lively and the match more exciting and dramatic than ever. The probability of a penalty occurring within 90 minutes of play is low and the probability of scoring from a penalty is always higher. We all love that happening. 

In the betting world, penalty bets are a form of betting that has a very special attraction to players. This is a form of online sports betting that is chosen by many people when betting on football. You can learn more about penalty bets and the interesting things of this bet form at the Kubet bookmaker. To be able to win the bet, the player’s job is to find the players who have a high ability to kick and catch the ball. Bettors should also pay attention to the team’s performance in recent years to make the most accurate betting decisions.

Below are the top 10 worst penalty kicks ever in football history.

10 worst penalty kicks ever

1. Graziano Pelle, Italia and Germany (2016)

Pelle was known as the assassin of the Sampathon and was featured in many major tournaments. Pelle has also been in steady form during the past four years, consistently scoring 27 and 28 in two consecutive seasons in the Netherlands. 

However, in this match, due to the great pressure, the striker made an unexpected kick, the ball went and deviated from the Neuer goal.

2. Peter Devine, Lancaster City vs Whitley Bay (1991 HFS Div One Cup)

Peter Devine plays as a former English footballer and often played as a winger.

In that normal match, Devine was stressed when he did the penalty kicks on the 11-meter mark and as a result, he slipped and ran, then missed the ball. After the match finished, Devine became well – known for his failed free-kick in the HFS Div One Cup final, which was also featured in Nick Hancock’s Football Nightmares football video.

3. Pat Nevin, Chelsea vs Manchester City (1984 League Cup)

Pat Nevin is a former Scottish footballer, he has 28 international caps for Scotland in the European U18 Championship and is also the best Chelsea player. In the match against the “formidable” opponent Manchester City, when having to perform a free-kick, the Scottish player was subjectively not running, and the consequences as expected, his shot was like a pass, making it easy for the opposing team to catch up. Fortunately, Chelsea still managed to win 4-0. 

4.  John Terry, Chelsea vs Manchester United (2008 Final Champions League)

John George Terry is currently an English coach and former professional footballer playing at center-back. He is a mature player from Chelsea’s youth academy and served as captain of the Chelsea team as well as England. 

Unfortunately, in Manchester United, many Chelsea fans have little regrets about the unsuccessful kick of Terry. The reason is as long as Terry shoots accurately, Chelsea could have won the Champions League four years earlier. However, heavy rain caused the Blues captain to slap and kick the ball out.

5. David Beckham, England vs Turkey (Euro 2004)

David Beckham is known as a former English professional football player who has participated in major football teams such as Manchester United, Preston North End, Real Madrid, A.C. Milan, Los Angeles Galaxy, Paris Saint-Germain, and England national team in midfield and named the best free-kick player in world football history. 

In the football match against Turkey, Beckham delivered a penalty that was considered the worst in his career. Although the pitch was not slippery, the ball from Beck’s shot flew straight up into the sky to the great joy of the Turkish players.

6. David Beckham, England vs Portugal (Euro 2004)

With the name of the best player in England when he is constantly assigned responsibility for the responsible kicks for the life of the England team. Beckham made Becks’ shot “to find birds” was the cause of England’s defeat against the home team. It’s hard to believe because a player known for kicks with nearly absolute precision like Becks sent the ball over the bar up to a meter.

7. Gary Lineker, England vs Brazil (1992)

Gary Lineker was called “England’s first-class scorer” in football. It is understandable that he is the one who scored 10 goals for England in two World Cups. Lineker is one of the names voted by Pélé in 125 outstanding players in the world.

In the match against Brazil as the main England striker intended to hit a panenka, but he shot too lightly to help the opponent to block easily.

8. Jason Puncheon, Tottenham vs Crystal Palace (Premier League 2014)

Jason Puncheon is an English professional who currently plays in midfield for the Pafos club in the Cyprus League and has also been marked as an equalizer in all English divisions. 

In the match with Crystal Palace, when the goal was wide open, the striker was once priced up to 20 million pounds and launched a bad shot, sending the ball a few meters from the Lloris goal.

9. Robert Pires, Arsenal vs Manchester City (Premier League 2005)

Robert Emmanuel Pires is a French coach and former professional soccer player and plays for two teams, Melz and Marseille. He is also one of the names in many tournaments in the world, one of the 100 names that King Pélé was still alive as the world’s best player.

In the match against Manchester City, Pires intended to pass Henry to score, but due to lack of practice, this player made a mistake. Since then, the combined situation of Pires and Henry has always been on the top worst penalty kicks of all time.

10. Neymar, Brazil vs Colombia (2012)

Neymar is known as a Brazilian football player currently playing as a striker for the Paris Saint Germain club and the Brazilian soccer team. Neymar is also known as one of the powerful arms of Brazilian football and is the second-best scorer of the Brazilian team. 

In the match against Colombia, this young Brazilian striker took a very skilful momentum but shot the ball straight into the sky. After the match, Neymar blamed the pitch for not being able to get the shot he wanted.

Rounded up

Above are the 10 worst penalty kicks off the world. We can see another side of football beyond the goals from the masters of the world football village.


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