Sao Paulo eliminated Racing Club on Tuesday by beating them 1-3 in Argentina with a double from Emiliano Rigoni and a goal from Marquinhos and qualified for the quarterfinals of the Copa Libertadores, where they will face the Chileans from the University Católica or the Brazilian Palmeiras.

The first leg, played last week in Sao Paulo, had ended 1-1, with Rigoni scoring the first goal of the match in the 44th minute, Marquinhos the second in the 48th minute and then Marquinhos assisting Rigoni, who returned to convert to the 57 minutes. Javier Correa discounted at 63 minutes.

Marquinhos, 18, was the figure of the Brazilians in his fourth game with the Sao Paulo jersey. At six minutes, defender Nery Domínguez had a fabulous kick from the ground that prevented Marquinhos from scoring the 0-1. The Brazilians, forced to score at least one goal to avoid being eliminated, pushed during the first minutes and were close to converting.

The Argentines had to push themselves to the limit to avoid conceding a goal during the first fifteen minutes.

Little by little, Racing Club managed to even the game and prevent the Brazilians from reaching the area defended by Gabriel Arias with clarity.

However, at 44 minutes Marquinhos received a long pass and defined in front of Arias, his shot hit the post and Rigoni pushed the ball to score the 0-1.

Just started the second half, at 48 minutes, Marquinhos again filtered through the rival defenses and made it 0-2 with a crossed left-footed shot before the departure of Arias.

The blow was a knockout for the Argentines, who due to the result of the first leg and the advantage provided by the away goal had to score three goals and prevent Sao Paulo from scoring again to go to the round.

Above, at 57 minutes Marquinhos again beat the defenses of the Academy and assisted Rigoni, who made it 0-3. Correa, who had entered shortly before, discounted at 63 minutes with a shot from medium distance.

Since then, the game was played in the field of Sao Paulo and although Racing had mostly possession, they failed to score the second. Sao Paulo will face Universidad Católica or Palmeiras in the quarterfinals. In the first leg, the Brazilians won 0-1 in Chile.


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